Trusted International Merchant Services Credit Card Processing

Looking for a simple way to cut costs for your business? We’ve got precisely what you’re looking for here at eSafe Payments.

These days, the flexibility and simplicity of using our credit cards has made way for an entire generation preferring to swipe than pay in cash. Further to this, with all of the online shopping that’s done, there’s really never a dull moment in the world of AMEX, Visa, Mastercard and other credit card companies. But where does that leave businesses? How will your business ever get anywhere if you’re constantly paying exorbitant credit card processing fees to your domestic merchant account?

We have a simple solution for your problem – our offshore credit card merchant account. If you’re sick and tired of paying ridiculous fees with every sale that’s made, we hear you. Our international merchant services includes the ability to process payments made from not just credit cards but several different methods including Bitcoin, Net Banking, and Google Wallet just to name a few.

Why choose us to process your offshore merchant accounts

The benefits of offshore credit card account processing include:

  • Much lower transaction fees
  • Completely secure
  • Multiple currencies can be accepted (more than 160)
  • Taxation is abolished
  • Safeguarded from fluctuation in currencies

As you can now hopefully understand, it’s simply a much better way to do business. No longer do you need to concern yourself with useless account fees and charges for each transaction processed. You can focus your attention on making a better profit.

We truly believe in the international service that we provide here at eSafe Payments, and we are certain that you will be more than satisfied. Apply today and you could get pre-approval within 48 hours!

Find out more about our offshore services today

If you have further questions regarding this fantastic international service that we provide and you can’t find the answer on this site, please don’t hesitate to call and speak to one of our representatives on (800) 805-7236. If you would rather send us an email, that’s absolutely fine – we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.